2016-2017 Award Recipients

Caribou Research and Management Award $1,500

Photo_NickWilson_BQCMBNicholas Wilson, Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University

Title: The Effects of a Changing Snowpack on the Bathurst Caribou Herd, Northwest Territories

Jim Mcdonald Scholarship for Northern Research $5,000

IMGP1193Cole Atlin, Environment and Ressource Studies, University of Waterloo

Title: How conflict management  could assist regional environmental assessment and planning in Canadian extractive sector development areas

NSTP: Northern Resident Award $5,000


Dana Harris, Biological Sciences, Sustainability, Brock University

Title:  Assessing climatic factors influencing the growth patterns and cellular development of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) in Yellowknife, NT


 ACUNS picIsobel Ness, Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta

Title: Understanding the unintended consequences of species reintroduction: interspecific interactions between bison and Dall sheep in a northern system.



Jared Gonet, Science, University of Alberta

Title: Population Viability Modelling of a Northern Mountain Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) Herd: Carcross, Yukon.

 Polar Knowledge Canada Scholarship $10,000

 ACUNS website photo_Ellorie McKnightEllorie McKnight, Biological Sciences (Ecology), University of Alberta

Title: Characterizing spatial and temporal dynamics for ?ù’àn Män-Kluane Lake (Yukon): A step towards long-term monitoring & identifying climate change impacts

NSTP: Northern Resident Scholarship $10,000

 Lines ACUNSLaurie-Ann Lines, Health Promotion, University of Alberta

Title: Health Perceptions of Dene First Nations Youth within a Community Context




Alexander deBruyn, Zoology, University of British Columbia

Title: The Ecology of Thermophilic Lake Chub (Couesius plumbeus) in Atlin Warm Springs



Amelia Merhar, Geography, York University

Title: Moving Home: The Art of Transience in the Canadian Child Welfare System



Handley PhotoJordan Handley, Anthropology, University of British Columbia

Title: Gendered Divisions of Labour and Knowledge at the Little  John site (KdVo6), Yukon Territory



Canadian Northern Studies Trust Scholarship $10,000

Me cleaning fish

Janelle Baker, Anthropology, McGill University

Title: Cree Perspectives on Wild Food Contamination in Alberta’s Oil Sands Region


 W. Garfield Weston Award for Northern Research (Masters) $15,000

Alice Wilson photo

Alice Wilson, Science in Geography, Carleton University

Title: Drained lake vegetation succession and carbon storage, Richards Island, NWT



 Audrey Veillette, Environnemental Geography, Université de Montréal

Title : Long-term permafrost stabilization and modification: implications for the evolution of the periglacial landscape of the High Arctic, Bylot island, Nunavut


Gibson, C - Photo

Carolyn Gibson, Forest Biology, University of Alberta

Title: Long term effects of fire-induced permafrost thaw on high latitude carbon cycling



P1010138Casey Remmer, Biology, University of Waterloo

Title: A  Framework for Monitoring Hydrological and Ecological Conditions in Lakes of the Peace-Athabasca Delta


James Telford Photo 2 James Telford, Physical Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University

Title: Using paleolimnology to establish baseline metal concentrations and to reconstruct hydroecological conditions to support a community-based monitoring program, Marian Watershed, NWT.



Katherine Black, Integrative Biology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Title: The influence of moisture and nutrient availability  on tundra shrub expansion across topographic gradients




Katriina O’Kane, Geography, University of British Columbia

Title: Plant Succession in the Canadian High Arctic



 maha-ghazalMaha Ghazal, Environment and Geography, University of Manitoba, Title: Ringed seal feeding ecology explored through stomach content analysis and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit




Marion Carrier, Geography, University of Montreal

Title: Insects tell a story: relevance of science and Naskapi knowledge to geography discourses in Kawawachikamach



 11887520_10156443510275206_6419381867116315630_oMathieu Tétreault, Gestion de la faune et de ses habitats, Université du Québec a Rimouski

Title : Effects of rearing and of food resources on the characteristics of the summer home range of the peregrine falcon nesting in the Arctic (Falco peregrinus tundrius)




Michael Hackett, Geography, University of Ottwa

Title: Changes in the area and volume of glaciers and ice caps on Axel Heiberg Island since the 1950s


13410677_10154075166580590_297778326_o(1)Mitchell Bergstresser, Geography, Simon Fraser University

Title: Abundance and distributions of methane-producing and methaneconsuming microorganisms among lakes of the Mackenzie Delta


Brown_N_Weston_PhotoNicholas Brown, Physical Geography, Carleton University

Title: Estimating Subsurface Ice Loss in Permafrost using Temperature Time Series Data



Pierre Luc Grondin

Photo Credit : Pierre Coupel.

Pierre-Luc Grondin,
Biology, Laval University

Title: Phytoplankton species succession and main drivers during ice-edge spring blooms in the Arctic Ocean


 W. Garfield Weston Award for Northern Research (Doctoral) $50,000

 annacrawfordAnna Crawford, Geography, Carleton University, Title:  A multi-scale assessment of ice island deterioration and occurrence in the Eastern Canadian Arctic




 IMG_5595 2Gwyneth Anne MacMillan, Biological Sciences, Université de Montreal

Title: Biogeochemistry and Food Web Dynamics of Contaminants (Methylmercury and Rare Earth Elements) within Arctic Freshwater Ecosystems in the Rapidly Changing North



 HollowayJean Holloway, Geography, University of Ottawa

Title: Impacts of forest fire on discontinuous permafrost in the south-western Northwest Territories



Garfield Weston - photograph - rapinskiMichel Rapinski, Sciences Biologiques, Université de Montréal

Title : Ethnobotany of the first peoples of Quebec: contribution of traditional diet to maintaining food health and security



Robert Way, Geography, University of Ottawa

Title: Field and modelling investigation of permafrost in the Labrador region of northeastern Canada



ma pike (1.0 mm larger than Nelson Zabel's largest)

Samantha Burke,Biology, University of Waterloo

Title: Effects of rising temperatures on the trophic dynamics primary productivity and mercury bioaccumulation in western Arctic lakes





Sarah Fortune, Zoology, University of British Columbia

Title: Evaluating Eastern Canada-West Greenland bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) energetic requirements and foraging habitat in a changing environment.




Scott Flemming, Environmental and Life Sciences, Trent University

Title: Evaluating the large-scale effects of overabundant geese on other tundra-nesting birds



 Shaun TurneyShaun Turney, Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University

Title: Functional diversity and prey suppression in a tundra mesocosm



xavier-giroux-bouggardXavier Giroux-Bouggard, Renewable Resource Sciences, McGill University, Title : Monitoring movement, seasonal range and sexual segregation in barren-ground caribou herds of the Northwest Territories


W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship for Northern Research $50,000

 Garfield-PDF-photoDavid Yurkowski, Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba

Title: Ecologically significant areas across the Arctic revealed by multi-decade arctic marine mammal space-use patterns



jennifer-provencherJennifer Provencher, Biology, Acadia University, Title: Pathways and effects of plastic-associated contaminants in Arctic seabirds




Laura Thomson, Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Title: Changing thermal regimes of mountain glaciers in a warming Canadian Arctic



 IMG_4647Matthew Asplin, Geography, University of Victoria

Title: Synoptic Drivers of Storm Surges in the Western Canadian Arctic



Renewal of the W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship for Northern Research $50,000

Kathryn Hargan_weston photo


Kathryn Hargan, Biology, University of Ottawa

Title: Identifying spatial, temporal and species-specific differences in seabird contaminant loads to coastal Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait islands


  ten Bruggencate - field photoRachel ten Bruggencate, Anthropology, University of Waterloo

Title: Connecting the dots: Combining chert geochemistry and GIS-modeling to reconstruct Palaeo-Eskimo mobility and lithic procurement on southern Baffin Island



 sonja-ostertagSonja Ostertag, Biology, University of Manitoba

Title: Beluga health and habitat use: bridging diverse knowledge systems to understand ecosystem changes