ACUNS Releases Report to Set New Standard of Research to Benefit Yukon Communities

Whitehorse, YT – June 13, 2017, the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS) has released a report identifying research principles, processes and priorities in Yukon to inform researchers, specifically those just beginning their careers in research, and their agencies and/or institutions. The report, named Research Excellence in Yukon: Increasing Capacity and Benefits to Yukoners in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Health Sciences (SSHHS), is based on consultation with the research community in Yukon. It outlines that a strong focus is needed on how the research is done and how the results are delivered to communities, and not just on selecting issues and topics for research in Yukon.

Highlight categories from the report:
• Recommendations from the Yukon research community
• Student support and scholarship design
• Yukon-specific research funding
• Building Yukon capacity and relevant research

“ACUNS has been administering scholarships to early career researchers conducting their studies in the Canadian North for over 30 years,” Monique Bernier, ACUNS President, said. “We want to continue with an emphasis on best practices that will most benefit Yukoners and their communities,” Bernier said. ACUNS held a consultation in February 2017 with the research community in Whitehorse, YT. Participants attended from organizations like the Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College, Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research, Council of Yukon First Nations and the Yukon Government. There was consensus among participants that there is a need for Yukon-specific research themes and recommendations.

“This consultation was vital in helping us identify the best practices to design scholarships and support students doing SSHHS research in Yukon,” Gary Wilson, ACUNS Vice-President, said. “We will use this knowledge to develop respectful research relationships in Yukon,” Wilson said. ACUNS hopes to build on the enthusiasm for increasing and enhancing SSHHS research in Yukon with the report. Additionally, ACUNS has an important role in promoting and distributing the results of this consultation process, and is committed to seeking new funding to support SSHHS scholarships and awards in the North and for the North.

The Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies/Association universitaire canadienne d’études nordiques (ACUNS/AUCEN) is a national charitable organization “contributing to the well-being of Canada’s North, its communities, and its inhabitants by sharing knowledge gained through leadership in northern research and education” (ACUNS vision). The Association represents more than 30 member institutions that are involved in northern research and scholarship. Together, they facilitate collaborative research, knowledge mobilization, and education, and operate the Canadian Northern Studies Trust, which provides a range of scholarships, fellowships and awards to students and early-career researchers.

For more information, please contact:
Andrew Collicott
Communications Specialist
ACUNS 613-820-8300 x 101
Twitter: @acunsaucen

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