2007-2008 CNST Award Recipients

CNST Scholarship  $ 5,000
Lois Edge
PhD Candidate, Education Policy Studies, Indigenous Peoples Education University of Alberta
Title: Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Aboriginal Women’s Experiences with Beadwork

Canadian Polar Commission Scholarship  $ 10,000
Emilie Cameron
PhD Candidate, Cultural-Historical Geography
Queen’s University
Title: Summer Stories: A Critical Narrative Geography of Bloody Falls

W. Garfield Weston Award for Northern Research  $ 40,000
Paul Smith
PhD Candidate, Biology
Carleton University
Title: Breeding Ecology of Eastern Arctic Shorebirds

Suzanne Tank
PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Title: Dissolved Organic Carbon Variability and Food Web Structure in Arctic Lakes of the Mackenzie Delta

Alexandre Forest
PhD Candidate, Oceanography
Université Laval
Title: Environmental control of vertical fluxes of biogenic carbon in the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean)

John Bailey
PhD Candidate, Biology
University of Western Ontario
Title: Bioassessment Modeling for Yukon River Basin Streams

Kate Buckeridge
PhD Candidate, Biology
Queen’s University
Title: The effect of snow depth on nitrogen cycling at spring thaw

Northern Resident Scholarship   $ 10,000
Amber Church

Masters Candidate, Earth Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Title: Contemporary Glacial Conditioning of Hydrology and Geomorphology of an Alpine River: Wheaton River, Yukon

Julia Christensen
PhD Candidate, Geography
McGill University
Title: Homelessness, Housing Security and Reseource Development in the Northwest Territories

Alana Kronstal
Masters Candidate, Studies in Policy and Practice
University of Victoria
Title: Community Health and Social Services and Rapid Resource Development in the Beaufort Delta Region of the Northwest Territories:  Measures and Perceptions of Change

Heather Milligan
Masters Candidate, Wildlife Biology, Natural Resource Sciences
McGill University
Title: Seasonal Contributions of Aquatic and Terrestrial Vegetation in the Diets of Beavers

Linda Kay O’Neill
PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology
University of Victoria
Title: The Experience of Northern Support Workers and Client Trauma: considerations ofIntergenerational, Historical and Vicarious Trauma

Lea Randall
Masters Candidate, Biological Sciences, Ecology
University of Calgary
Title: Effect of forest disturbance (insect insfestation, logging, forest fire) on small mammals of the boreal forest of Southwest Yukon

Northern Resident Award   $ 5,000
Katrina Couch
Undergraduate, Arts & Sciences
Yukon College
Title: An Analysis of Trends in John Hajdukovich’s Upper Tanana Trade Post Records (1922-1952)

Amanda Janssens
Undergraduate, Arts & Sciences
Yukon College
Title: An Internet Accessible Database of Skeletal Specimens in the Yukon

Jordan Ducharme
Undergraduate, Science & Arts
University of Lethbridge
Title: Status of Cree language and Culture in Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement

Maureen Huggard
Undergraduate, Renewable Resource Management
Yukon College
Title: Contaminants in Arctic Moose and Caribou

Research Support Opportunity In Arctic Environmental Studies
Rodica Lindenmaier
Masters Candidate, Physics
University of Toronto
Title: Studies of Arctic Middle Atmosphere Chemistry Using Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy

Caribou Research Award
Tyler Kuhn
Masters Candidate, Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Title: Ancient DNA as a means for direct assessment of herd ancestry in Southwest Yukon Woodland Caribou