2010-2011 CNST Award Recipients

CNST Scholarship $5,000

Rachel ten Bruggencate PhD Candidate, Anthropology University of Manitoba Title: Trace element and isotopic characterization of quartz quarries in the Churchill River Basin


Canadian Polar Commission Scholarship $10, 000

Colin Yates PhD Candidate, Planning University of Waterloo Title: Performance, Characterization, and Vegetative Processes In Tundra and Constructed Treatment Wetlands during the Arctic Summer


Canadian Polar Commission Scholarship $6,978

Dawn Hoogeveen PhD Candidate, Geography University of British Columbia Title: All that glitters: Northern geography, resources and Aboriginal land claims


The W. Garfield Weston Award for Northern Research (PhD) $40,000

Matthew Asplin PhD Candidate, Geography University of Manitoba Title: Cyclone Forcing of Coupled Dynamic and Thermodynamic Processes in Arctic Sea Ice, and Across the Ocean-Sea Ice-Atmosphere Interface


Peter Fast PhD Candidate, Biology Université du Québec à Rimouski Title: Migratory connectivity in an Arctic-nesting herbivore: migratory fuelling, nutrient import, and reproductive consequences of variation in spring body condition


Jennifer Knopp* PhD Candidate, Environmental and Life Sciences Trent University Title: Understanding impacts on environmental change of char (in the ISR: Science and Inuit knowledge for community monitoring)

*J. Knopp was awarded one year of funding ($20,000) due to a change in registration from MSc to PhD candidate.

Corinne Pomerleau PhD Candidate, Oceanography Université du Québec à Rimouski Title: Foraging ecology and habitat selection of bowhead whales (balaena mysticetus) in the Eastern Canadian High Arctic 


Kevin Turner PhD Candidate, Physical Geography Wilfrid Laurier University Title: Present and past hydrology of lakes in the Old Crow Flats, Yukon Territory, Canada


The W. Garfield Weston Award for Northern Research(Masters) $15,000

Kirsten Allen Masters Candidate, Biology University of Saskatchewan Title: Direct and interactive effects of soil temperature and nitrogen availability on plant growth in alpine tundra



Alexandre Anctil Masters Candidate, Wildlife Management Université du Québec à Rimouski Title: Effect of meteorological conditions on the health and growth of young peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus)



Jeremy Brammer Masters Candidate, Natural Resource Sciences McGill University Title: The ecological determinants of muskrat abundance and nutrition within the Old Crow Flats, Yukon 



Samantha Darling Masters Candidate, Geography University of Ottawa Title: Variations in Velocity of the Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon Territory



Etienne Godin Masters Candidate, Geography Université de Montréal Title: Impact of climate change on local hydrology and thermal erosion of permafrost on a regional scale, Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada



 Elizabeth Miller Masters Candidate, Physical Geography York University Title: The role of inter-basin landscape conditions and vegetation on subsurface processes and streamflow into an extensive High Arctic wetland



Brendan O’Neill Masters Candidate, Physical Geography Carleton University Title: The development of aggradational ice at Illisarvik, Richards Island, NWT


Northern Resident Scholarship $10,000

Lori Eastmure PhD Candidate, Education University of Regina Title: Examining barriers and challenges in hiring of Aboriginal teachers 



Jocelyn Joe-Strack Masters Candidate, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies University of Northern British Columbia Title: Mercury methylation and sulphur-reducing bacteria in northern lake sediments


Krista Sittler Masters Candidate, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies University of Northern British Columbia Title: Response of elk and stone’s sheep to prescribed fire in Northeast British Columbia T


Marcella Snijders Masters Candidate, Environmental Studies University of Victoria Title: Monitoring vegetation recovery in the outer Mackenzie Delta using remote sensing change detection.



Alexandra Winton Masters Candidate, Geography Memorial University of Newfoundland Title: “Here today, Gone to Mayo”: Community and Aboriginal Adaptations to Mine Closure in the Yukon.


Northern Resident Award $5,000

Melanie Cole Yukon Native Teacher Education Program Yukon College Title: From the Dirt to the Classroom



Luke Henderson Bachelor of Science Yukon College Title: Inventory and cataloguing of a natural history collection at the Northern Research Centre of Excellence, Yukon College


Sue Kemmett Bachelor of Social Work Yukon College Title: Best practices in Canada for resolving child custody disputes outside of court in a Legal Aid society



Kimberly Rempel Renewable Resources Management Program Yukon College Title: What is the level of methyl mercury in plants that form the diet of Porcupine caribou?



Lori Schroeder Renewable Resources Management Program Yukon College Title: Southern Yukon Ecosystem Classification: Grasslands



Caribou Research Award  $1,500

Émilie Champagne Masters Candidate, Biology Université Laval Title: Productivity, structure and chemical composition of the American dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa) in response to caribou (Rangifer tarandus) herbivory


Research Support Opportunity in Arctic Environmental Studies (accommodation & facilities at Eureka Weather Station)

Laura Thomson Masters Candidate, Geophysics and Planetary Sciences University of Western Ontario Title: Ground penetrating radar as a tool for characterizing ground ice in the Canadian High Arctic