Our reach and impact has grown through collaboration with supporters, individuals, and northern and academic-focussed institutions that share this view. A few examples include…

  • Early-Career Northern Researcher (ECNR) Annual Meeting (with ArcticNet)
  • “Illustrate Your Research” contest (with APECS Canada)
  • The Kay and Peter McGeer Scholarship for Northern Research ($3,000)
  • The Dr. Weston Blake Jr. Memorial Doctoral Scholarship ($10,000)

ACUNS brings together nearly 40 academic institutions where northern studies are in place, offering unique opportunities for students to learn and create knowledge about and for the North. This critical convening capability is timely in a world where climate change, global geopolitics, and environmental and resource issues have contributed to increasing global interest in the North.

The North will always bring its unique challenges. ACUNS looks forward to continuing to go further together through its collaborations with institutions like yours to fulfill its primary purpose of supporting Northern research and research training and scholarship.

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Membership fees from colleges and universities make up the core funding for ACUNS, which supports the promotion and management of award opportunities and the academically rigorous adjudication process for the awards. Membership pledges are sent to current member institutions once per year, but this information is available at any time. ACUNS staff is available to provide information and support for the justification of Association membership to your institutional leadership.

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  • The Student Director is open to students from one of our member institutions. You must be enrolled in post-graduate studies during your two-year term on the ACUNS Board.

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