The ACUNS Awards Committee (formerly the CNST Awards Management Committee) is responsible for administering the Canadian Northern Studies Trust (CNST) programs and for adjudicating the student awards. The committee membership comprises of representatives from Canadian universities as well as stakeholders or interested individuals. Members are selected to represent a variety of geographic regions and a balance of disciplines and expertise that reflect the applications received for the awards program, while also considering language and gender. Members are appointed for three years with staggered terms that may be renewed at the discretion of the ACUNS Board and the recommendation of the ACUNS Awards Committee Chair.

ACUNS Awards Committee

Dr. Anita Dey Nuttall (Chair)

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta

Dr. Alec Aitken

Professor, Department of Geography & Planning
University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Andrew Applejohn

Senior Science Advisor, Environment Division
Government of the Northwest Territories

Dr. Audrey Giles

Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Ottawa

Dr. Laura McKinnon

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
York University (Glendon Campus)

Dr. Gary Wilson

Professor, Department of Political Science
University of Northern British Columbia