Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

All personal information collected from CNST Award applicants is used to review applications, administer awards, and to promote and support northern research in Canada. ACUNS routinely shares summary information related to applications and awards with ACUNS members and relevant officials at the institutions that endorse, support and administer them.

As part of the CNST Award review and adjudication process, applications are shared with a selection committee composed of individuals recruited from academic, public, and private sectors. Participants in the review and adjudication process are advised of ACUNS’ expectations with regards to the confidentiality and protection of the information entrusted to them.

ACUNS routinely disseminates select details of successful applications, including the name of the applicant, amount awarded, institution and department, field of research, project title, project summary, and related photos submitted by the applicant for public release. This information may also be used in ACUNS’ publications and on our website.

ACUNS uses information in its files and data bases to generate mailing lists in order to disseminate information to the research community.


Storage and Retention of Personal Information

All applications submitted to our annual award program are kept on file until after the awards are adjudicated, successful applicants are notified, and individual awards confirmed accepted. Successful applicants’ personal information is kept and updated, as required, for administrative and income tax purposes for the duration of the award period, and stored for seven years. Unsuccessful applications for each annual round are stored, and destroyed within six months of the granting and acceptance of the awards to successful applicants.