What constitutes a member?

ACUNS is an association of institutions, so your organization is the member, while you are a representative of ACUNS in that organization. Member institutions pay the membership fees that supply the core funding for ACUNS, which allows the organization to retain two staff members, the website, the online application platform, and other activities.

What does being an ACUNS representative mean?

As the ACUNS representative in your institution, you are responsible for disseminating and promoting the CNST awards to students in northern-related research programs and related information. With your help, ACUNS can provide funding to the students in your institution and connect them with the wider network of northern researchers.

Similar, you are a representative of your institution in the interactions that ACUNS has with other northern institutions. By serving as either a Director or an adjudicator, you contribute to the responsible advancement of northern scholarship and leadership.

How do I join the Board of Directors?

Directors are elected on a staggered three-year term, so that two positions are elected annually. ACUNS will distribute a call for new directors prior to the AGM, where elections take place.

For more information, contact ACUNS.