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ACUNS administers the Canadian Northern Studies Trust (CNST) that supports students in various disciplines that engage in northern research. Donors to the CNST provide funds to students at college, and university undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral researchers to facilitate their northern research.


Funded Disciplines

ACUNS administers a scholarship program that is unique and multi-disciplinary, with a national reach through a strong core network of dedicated individuals. This supportive community for student development relies on the expertise of its member institutions and representatives, engaging experts in both the natural and social sciences.

Natural Sciences

Dr. Weston Blake Jr. Memorial Doctoral Scholarship
Gunther Abrahamson Research and Management Award (offered biennially)
Kay and Peter McGeer Scholarship for Northern Research

Social Sciences

CNST Scholarship
Dr. Jim McDonald Scholarship for Northern Research
Kay and Peter McGeer Scholarship for Northern Research

Open to all disciplines

CNST Scholarship
Kay and Peter McGeer Scholarship for Northern Research


Privacy Policy

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Research Licensing

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How to Apply

General Criteria

A successful applicant will:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • be enrolled full-time in college or university at
    • the time of application, and
    • over the tenure of the award;
  • include direct northern fieldwork or experience as part of their studies;
  • not concurrently hold two ACUNS awards, though other awards and financial support can be held simultaneously;
  • include a northern fieldwork component, to be conducted between May in the year of award and the following March or May (depending on award);
  • conduct the research project in the North as defined below.

General Information

  • For projects including field research outside of Canada, the relevance and benefit of the circumpolar fieldwork to Canadian northern scholarship must be clearly indicated.
  • Applications are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary committee. Please make the application as accessible as possible by limiting the use of technical jargon.
  • Applications to more than one award require each referee to complete a separate form for each application.
  • Award recipients are identified in May. Only successful candidates will be notified.
  • Payment will be issued in instalments and is to be used as a stipend.


FAQ Awards

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