You have joined the growing family of ACUNS award recipients!
Here you can find more information (and some reminders) about the obligations that accompany your award. While there is nothing too strenuous, all requirements contribute to an easy and smooth interaction with ACUNS and their donors.


CNST Online Account

Your CNST online account gives you access to your successful application material and award contract, as well as track payments and deadlines for reporting requirements. This system is also where you will upload your reports, photos and videos as required by your award. All information provided will be kept confidential and will only be used as outlined in the award contract.



Each award has individual requirements and procedures for reporting your progress over the term of the award. In general, these will include:

  • A letter of thanks addressed to the donor (1 page)
  • A photo and project description for the website (200 wds)
  • Progress reports (1 page)
  • Confirmation(s) of registration (each semester)

Further information about the award reporting requirements and the associated deadlines will be included in the contractual agreement as part of the acceptance package.



Award payments will be made according to the payment calendar (or next business day) by direct deposit. Instructions on setting up the direct deposit is included in the acceptance package. You are responsible for submiting the required reporting information as outlined in the contract, and will be able to track items coming due through your CNST Online Account. Failure to submit the necessary report requirements by the indicated deadline may result in your award being cancelled.


Tax information

In February of the current year, you will receive (by email) a T4A form for income tax purposes from our office for award payments received between January 1 and December 31. Your T4A will indicate that the amount received will qualify as payment on behalf of a Scholarship/Bursary. All inquiries on personal income tax questions, such as information on exemptions, must be addressed to the Canada Revenue Agency, Taxation.

Award Interruption or Deferment

Before commencing your award, you may defer it for one year, but only for reasons of maternity, child rearing, illness, or health-related family responsibilities. Updated documentation, if relevant, will be required for each period of deferment. You may not defer your award in order to take up another award, to accept or hold employment, or to pursue studies other than those for which you received funding.

To defer your award, you must inform the ACUNS office no later than one month after the scheduled start date of the award. Supporting documentation (e.g., birth, adoption or medical certificate) confirming the reason for deferment must also be included with the request. During your deferral, you must be devoted full time to the activity for which deferment was requested.



You may interrupt your award for up to one year to take unpaid leave for reasons of maternity, child rearing, illness, or health-related family responsibilities or paid parental leave. You may not interrupt your award in order to take up another award or to pursue studies of any kind.

You must obtain approval from ACUNS for any interruption of your award. Approval of all leaves is conditional upon your university supporting such leaves. For approved interruptions, ACUNS will suspend payment of your award for the duration of the interruption and will resume payment on your return to fulltime studies.



To reinstate a deferred or interrupted award, you must confirm the exact date on which you intend to reinstate your award 15 days prior to resuming your studies or research. No payment will be made until ACUNS has received the required documentation.



ACUNS reserves the right to terminate the award if at any time your academic record or research project is deemed incongruous from that presented in your award application, or if the information submitted is found to be false. Should the award be terminated, the ACUNS office will notify you in writing and contact you to reclaim any overpayment of your award.