W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Research (Renewal) ($50,000)

Jennifer Provencher

Acadia University
Pathways and effects of plastic-associated contaminants in Arctic seabirds

Laura Thomson

Simon Fraser University
Changing thermal regimes of mountain glaciers in a warming Canadian Arctic

David Yurkowski

University of Manitoba
Ecologically significant areas across the Arctic revealed by multi-decade arctic marine mammal space-use patterns

W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Research ($50,000)

Louise Chavarie

University of British Columbia
Great Bear Lake Polymorphism: understanding how northern biodiversity is generated and maintained within Canada’s largest lake

Andrew Hamilton

University of Ottawa
Ocean forcing of tidewater glaciers in the Canadian High Arctic

Robert Way

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Implications of rapid shrub growth on permafrost environments in northern Labrador

Scott Williamson

University of Ottawa
Reconciling Arctic and elevational amplified warming using Canada’s northern climate gradients

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Research (Doctoral) ($50,000)

Sophie Dufour-Beauséjour

INRS – Centre Eau Terre Environnement
From sea ice to radar: study of the link between radar satellite imagery and the characteristics of the ice cover of three bays in Nunavik

Marianne Falardeau-Côté

McGill University
Marine food web dynamics and ecosystem services in a changing Arctic Ocean

Brittany Main

University of Ottawa
Glacier Surging in St. Elias Mountains Under a Changing Climate

Vaughn Mangal

Trent University
The Impact of Seasonal Variations on organic matter quality and Mercury Bioavailability along the Rapidly Changing Churchill River

Allyson Menzies

McGill University
Biologging Bioenergetics in the Northern Boreal Forest

Michael Palmer

Carleton University
Seasonal investigations of recovery processes in Yellowknife area lakes from 50 years of arsenic pollution

Michael Peers

University of Alberta
Predicting the fitness effects of coat colour mismatch on snowshoe hares

Kara Pitman

Simon Fraser University
How do landscape characteristics affect water temperatures of tributaries feeding into major salmon migration corridors?

Emily Studd

McGill University
The Art of Surviving: Using activity to investigate the role of behavioural modification in a boreal predator-prey food web

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Research (Master’s) ($15,000)

Aude Boivin-Rioux

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Meta-analysis of the structure of picophytoplankton and heterotrophic bacteria in the Canadian Arctic

Maria Cavaco

University of Alberta
The Unseen: characterizing microbial community diversity and metabolic potential in a rapidly changing high Arctic watershed

Gabriel Chiasson-Poirier

Université de Montréal
Hydrogeomorphic factors controlling the routing of surface and shallow groundwater flows in the Niaqunguk River watershed, Nunavut

Jared Gonet

University of Alberta
Science to support pro-active management of Northern Mountain Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Canada

Stéphanie Guernon

Université du Québec à Montréal
The relationship between allochtony and the accumulation of methylmercury in zooplanckton in lakes of the northwestern Arctic

Maureen Huggard

University of Victoria
Restoration in a northern context: Effects of inoculating Alnus crispa with locally harvested Frankia bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi

Connor Mallory

Univeristy of Alberta
Qamanirjuaq barren-ground caribou habitat use and population ecology

Sean Murphy

University of Calgary
Hydrocarbon-Degrading Microorganisms in the Canadian Arctic Marine Environment: Community Composition and Optimization for Bioremediation

Kevin Scharffenberg

University of Manitoba
Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Beluga Habitat Use in the Mackenzie Estuary

Becky Segal

University of Victoria
Integrating Remote Sensing and Traditional Ecological Knowledge to Identify Historical and Current Sea Ice Travel Hazards in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Marianne Taillefer

Université Laval
Analysis of the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure from the effects of permafrost: the case of the Demspter Highway, Yukon

Gillian Thiel

Queen’s University
Spatial controls on the biodegradability of soil dissolved organic matter in a High Arctic watershed

Teresa Tufts

University of Calgary
Assessing Temperature Tolerance in Ninespine Stickleback in Response to Climate Change in the Arctic

Evan Wilcox

Wilfrid Laurier University
Vulnerability of Western Arctic Tundra Lakes to Climate Change

Leah Wright

York University
Light level geolocation to measure the survival and reproductive success of Arctic nesting

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Archaeological Research (Master’s) ($15,000)

Gary Beckhusen

University of Saskatchewan
Moose Horn Caribou Fence Project

Jacinda Sinclair

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Revisiting Arvertok: A Reassessment of an Inuit Whaling Settlement

Canadian Northern Studies Trust (CNST) Scholarship ($10,000)

Ezra Greene

Universiy of British Columbia
Learning the land: An intergenerational study of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit

POLAR Scholarship ($10,000)

Megan Sheremata

University of Toronto
Inuit Knowledge of the Cumulative Impacts of Environmental Change in Eastern Hudson Bay

POLAR Northern Resident Scholarship ($10,000)

Samantha Darling

McGill University
The role of capacity building in Canada’s northern research policy

Dana Harris

Brock University
Determining the factors that influence the growth and cellular development of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) in Yellowknife, NT

Rhiannon Klein

University of Saskatchewan
From Negotiation to Implementation: Aboriginal Modern Treaties in the Yukon, 1993-2013

Stephanie Pike

Wilfrid Laurier University
Policy, plans and processes for developing and improving the use of hazard maps in adaptation for remote Yukon communities

Cedar Welsh

University of Victoria
Past trends and future change in the hydroclimate dynamics of the Stikine, Skeena and Nass River basins in northern British Columbia

POLAR Northern Resident Award ($5,000)

Brandon Drost

Yukon College
Will Electric Bear Fencing at Congdon Creek Campground Allow Tent Campers to Return?

Aja Mason

Yukon College
Evaluation of Bear Education Campaign Along the Skagway Road

Dr. Jim McDonald Scholarship ($5,000)

Caroline Ouellet

Université du Québec à Montréal
A critical analysis of the barriers and facilitators influencing access to traditional Indigenous medicines within the mainstream healthcare system