W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Research (Renewal) ($50,000)

Matthew Asplin

University of Victoria
Synoptic Drivers of Storm Surges in the Western Canadian Arctic

Louise Chavarie

University of British Columbia
Great Bear Lake Polymorphism: understanding how northern biodiversity is generated and maintained within Canada’s largest lake

Andrew Hamilton

University of Ottawa
Ocean forcing of tidewater glaciers in the Canadian High Arctic

Scott Williamson

University of Ottawa
Reconciling Arctic and elevational amplified warming using Canada’s northern climate gradients

W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Research ($50,000)

Emily Choy

McGill University
Using physiological tools to provide an energetics framework to assess the risk of shipping and resource development to Arctic marine predators

Sarah Fortune

University of Manitoba
Evaluating the energetic implications of climate change to bowhead whales in the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Sarah Gutowsky

Acadia University
Atmospheric teleconnections and regional coherence in reproductive patterns: multi-scale climatic factors influencing breeding success of avifauna throughout the Canadian Arctic

Zoe Panchen

University of British Columbia
High-Arctic phenology shifts under a changing climate:  consequences for reproductive success and plant community composition

W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Archaeological Research ($50,000)

Michael O’Rourke

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
The cultural landscapes of Kugmallit Bay: A values-centred approach to heritage management

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Research (Doctoral) ($50,000)

Paul Dainard

University of Waterloo
Dissolved organic and inorganic carbon dynamics in freshwater systems of the Canadian Subarctic and Arctic

Timothy Ensom

Wilfrid Laurier University
Hydrothermal regime of stream channels in the Tuktoyaktuk Coastlands and Anderson Plain, Northwest Territories

Samuel Gagnon

Université Laval
Climate change and ecological interactions affecting permafrost thermal regime and ice patch activity in the Narsajuaq River Valley, Nunavik

Geoffrey Kershaw

Wilfrid Laurier University
Alpine basin water storage and runoff dynamics in the Mackenzie Mountains, Canada: An assessment of landscape type proportion and position affecting stream discharge

McKenzie Kuhn

University of Alberta
Methane emissions from lakes in the Northwest Territories:  effects of groundwater connectivity and permafrost thaw

Yasmine Majchrzak

University of Alberta
The role of food in the snowshoe hare – lynx cycle

Allison Patterson

McGill University
Winter is coming: Linking movement and population dynamics across the full annual cycle of an arctic seabird

Michael Price

Simon Fraser University
Centennial-scale impacts of climate and fishing on the population dynamics of Skeena River sockeye salmon

Casey Remmer

University of Waterloo
Spatial and temporal approaches to determine effects of climate change and industrial development on a northern freshwater delta

Branaavan Sivarajah

Queen’s University
Long-term biological responses to arsenic contamination in lakes around Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Archaeological Research (Doctoral) ($50,000)

Tyler Murchie

McMaster University
Sedimentary ancient DNA and the Paleo-American ecology of the late quaternary extinctions

Samantha Walker

McGill University
Footprints on the tundra: Investigating Paleo-Inuit settlement strategies in the Foxe Basin Region, Nunavut

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Research (Master’s) ($15,000)

Claire Bernard-Grand’Maison

University of Ottawa
Assessing controls on changing surface elevation and dynamics of Devon Ice Cap

Laurence Carter

McGill University
Muskox resource selection and interactions with caribou in Yukon North Slope

Aurélie Chagnon-Lafortune

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Modeling the effect of environmental conditions on the availability of arthropods for insectivorous birds in the Arctic

Laurissa Christie

University of Windsor 
Understanding how sea ice influences the Arctic deep-water food web across a latitudinal gradient

Kamil Chatila-Amos

University of Guelph 
Evaluating the potential of environmental DNA sampling methods for biomonitoring in the subarctic using Trichoptera

Justine Drolet

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Thermoregulation and hyperthermia in the snow bunting: Influence of Arctic warming on individual performance

Cassandra Elphinstone

University of British Columbia
Genetic and epigenetic adaptations of tundra plants to climate change

Katie Goodwin

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Demographic constraints on boreal tree range expansion into tundra ecosystems

Élise Imbeau

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Ice ecology in Arctic lakes

Naima Jutha

University of Calgary 
Using local knowledge and hunter-based sampling to inform Northern Mountain caribou conservation

Kyle Lefort

University of Manitoba 
Evaluating the abundance, prey consumption, and genetic connectivity of eastern Canadian Arctic killer whales (Orcinus orca)

Rhiannon Moore

Simon Fraser University
Tracking microplastics in beluga whales and their Arctic habitat

Enooyaq Sudlovenick

University of Prince Edward Island
Pathogens and heavy metals in harvested ringed seals in Iqaluit, Nunavut

Jesse Vigliotti

University of Alberta
Cavity and tree preferences of winter roosting birds and resting mammals, in southern Yukon

Edith Li

University of British Columbia
Effects of warming temperatures and melting permafrost on tree growth in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories

W. Garfield Weston Award in Northern Archaeological Research (Master’s) ($15,000)

Jeff Grieve

Western University
An interactive digital map of Inuvialuit heritage and archaeology

Elenore Hood

University of Manitoba
Learning from the best: Early Paleo-Inuit knowledge transference from expert to novice flint knappers on Southern Baffin Island

Canadian Northern Studies Trust (CNST) Scholarship ($10,000)

Lucas Brehaut

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Catalyst for Arctic change: Role of tundra wildfires on latitudinal treeline range expansion

POLAR Scholarship ($10,000)

Carolyn Gibson

University of Guelph
Improved characterization of permafrost vulnerability to support decision makers, infrastructure, and community stewardship in the Northwest Territories

Matthew Gilbert

University of British Columbia
Temperature tolerance and metabolic capacity of migratory Arctic char in a warming north

Xavier Giroux-Bougard

McGill University
Barren-ground caribou movement and the ice phenology of freshwater in Canada’s rapidly changing North

POLAR Northern Resident Scholarship ($10,000)

Nadele Flynn

University of Alberta
Predicting climate change resilience in the Yukon at multiple scales: from biological response to site and ecosystem classifications

Aja Mason

University of Saskatchewan
Potential links between domestic violence and extractive industry in Yukon

Alison Perrin

Carleton University
Putting northern research into practice: Examining the research-policy framework in Canada’s North

Paulina Ross

Thompson Rivers University
Mapping climate related changes to food systems and food security in Fort Providence, Northwest Territories

Dr. Jim McDonald Scholarship ($5,000)

Meaghan Weatherdon

University of Toronto
Indigenous social movements in motion: Walking the land as decolonizing practice in the Journey of Nishiyuu

Gunther Abrahamson Caribou Management Board Scholarship ($1,500)

Andrea Hanke

University of Calgary
Traditional knowledge in dolphin and union caribou health monitoring