ACUNS is pleased to present the recipients of the 2019-2020 awards program. This year, there were an unprecedented ten winners from the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Janna MacLachlan

University of Toronto, Public Health Sciences

Exploring Inuit access to self-determination in rehabilitation services for children

POLAR Scholarship ($10,000)

Caitlynn Beckett

Memorial University, Geography
Caring for and living with the legacies of extractive industries
across northern Canada

Robin Mennell

Queen’s University, Geography
Investigating the relationship between range-use of the
Bathurst caribou and Arctic greening trends

Crystal Milligan

University of Toronto, Health Services Research & Collaborative Specialization in Indigenous Health
Organizational learning from Indigenous communities: A multiple case study in the Northwest Territories health system

Isobel Ness

University of Alberta, Renewable Resources

Advancing non-invasive methods for sampling northern wildlife populations

Tyler Ross

York University, Biology
Characterizing the denning habitat and movements of polar bears in southern Hudson Bay

Iris Binger

Yukon College / University of Regina, Social Work

Women’s transition housing in Yukon: A low-barrier approach to service delivery for women with mental wellness and substance-use issues

Nicole Lamb

Yukon College, Northern Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Identifying prehistoric wood samples to better understand the palaeo-ecology of the Little John Site

Karen Lepine

Aurora College / University of Saskatchewan, Education

Northern Indigenous women narratives and “Deh Gah Gotine (I am…)

Trisa Ngo

Dalhousie University, Environmental Science

Spatial analysis of heavy metals in surface waters in the NWT

Christine Spencer

Yukon CollegeUniversity of Alberta, Renewable Resource Management

International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) Wolf Creek: Assessment of biomass as a response to experimental warming (2010-2019)

Joni Tsatchia

Aurora CollegeUniversity of Saskatchewan, Education

“Deh Gah Gotine (I am)” – A celebration of Northern Indigenous heritage community research

Léa Plourde-Léveillé

Université du Québec à Montréal, Psychology

Descriptive exploratory study of the factors promoting the resilience of Inuit youth at risk of committing suicide in Nunavut