The ACUNS Student Conference was established in 1986 to increase awareness of northern research and to provide the opportunity for emerging northern scholars to gather and share their research and their experiences. It is a regular event with a thematic focus, largely organized by a committee of graduate students from the host institution. Organizing the ACUNS Conference provides students with an invaluable opportunity to develop the skills necessary to carry them through their academic careers, to forge links with government, private sector and community stakeholders, and make new national and international connections that ultimately lead to new partnerships for knowledge creation, both within academe and beyond.

2018 ACUNS Student Conference on Northern Studies

Landscapes of Northern Knowledge: University of Alberta

Thank you to the outstanding team of student organizers at the University of Alberta, led by Carolyn Gibson, McKenzie Kuhn, and Karling Roberts. The three-day program that took place from November 1 to 3, 2018, was one of the most engaging events in recent memory that attracted attendees from six countries, and featured a variety of workshops, a guest speaker series, and photo and poster contests. We wish to extend our gratitude to Dr. Anita Dey-Nuttall and Trish Fontaine at UAlberta North who helped facilitate the conference.  A call for proposals to host the next student conference in 2021 will be announced soon.

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